Breevliet Ltd. is a family farm business. We milk approximately 450 cows three times a day. Our milk is shipped daily by truck to different plants in Alberta where it is then processed into products for the daily consumption of Canadians.

Producing high quality milk is very labour intensive. In our case, this means working together with our nine to ten employees. Without them we could not do it!

Two brothers, John and Arjan de Goeij, are the main operators of this business. They have worked shoulder to shoulder since 1994, when they immigrated to Wetaskiwin, Canada from the Netherlands with their parents and future wives. Now John and his wife Ingrid along with Arjan and his wife Yvonne all have their own responsibilities in the business.

Jan and Ada de Goeij, the parents of the two brothers, are the ones that started Breevliet Ltd in 1965. Although they are now both retired, the two of them are still very active. Jan continues to love assisting on the farm in any way he can. You can find Ada with her grandchildren, practicing the piano or listening to music. They both fly regularly overseas to the Netherlands so that they can enjoy the families of their two daughters, Karin and Suzanne, who still live there.